the escape

by Myke Clements



released January 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Myke Clements Los Angeles, California

Myke Clements, is a Christian artist who creates music in a wide range of styles and genres, from a zombie themed folk album to an instrumental dance EP.

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Track Name: Escape
The discord of life
Is making me lose my mind
I can't see passed these
Disjointed Melodies
I need to go to place where harmonies flow
A place where I can disappear

Grab my headphones
Sit back
Put my feet up just relax
Press play
And Escape

The missing of rhyme
Pulls me out of my time
I just cannot believe
Life's not in perfect C
I need to go to a place where only I know
A place where I can disappear
Track Name: Always
I can't get you out of mind
How many times I've tried
Trying to be the one for you

When I'm with you its real
do you share in what I feel
I won't stop trying to be the one for you

I will love you for always
This will never change

I wish to take you hand
Walk all about this land
Being the one for you

At the end of the week
I'll plant a kiss upon your cheek
So gentle tender sweet for you

And if you lose it all
I'll be there to break your fall
I will always be here for you

And when it all goes away
I'm only a call away
I will always be here

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